New version of PC software ARCCAN SMDP BASIC and STANDARD

On 04.04.2018 a new version of the ARCCAN SMDP SERVER software in BASIC and STANDARD versions was released.
The new version is 3.3.20.

The update includes:

  • import of identifier codes directly from the ARCCAN server,
  • window for changing the default application ports from the installer position,
  • correction of the Basic-Standard functionality change error when changing the language,
  • added description column visibility (loading, corrections, operators, controllers),
  • alphabetical sorting fix – special characters,
  • change in the software for operating the RFD100 reader – it is required to uninstall SMDP-RFD100 version 4.1.2 and install a new 4.2.52.

To obtain an update, you can apply using the Update Application Form in the SMDP > Technical support section (LINK).