New versions of the SMDP system – BASIC 4.0 and STANDARD 4.0

Today we officially introduced the new generation of SMDP systems – Basic 4.0 and Standard 4.0.

The new versions are based on a common platform with Optimum, Professional and Enterprise versions. Customers of the new versions gain the possibility of easy system migration to higher versions in the future. In addition, new system functions will now be introduced in all versions at the same time.

Due to the deactivation of CSD services by mobile network operators, we decided to replace this communication mechanism with GPRS transmission in new 4.0 generation.

Basic 3.0 and Standard 3.0 versions will no longer be developed. Recently released software versions are final. The station controllers and peripherals of the previous generation of the system (SMDP Basic / Standard 3.0) remain in the offer of the ARCCAN SMDP Group for customers who want to expand currently operating installations. In some cases it is possible to migrate the system from version 3.0 to 4.0.