Oil transmission lines

We live in times of both caring for the natural environment, and controlling costs. Liquid transmission installations used in car workshops and industrial plants allow to take care of both of these factors at the same time. The idea of creating transmission networks is nothing but separating the place of storage of liquids (oils, greases, other operating liquids) from their dispensing place. The professional distribution sites created significant increase in the occupational hygiene, and the applied system of managing the dispensing of these liquids leads to an improvement in the control of their distribution.

Transmission lines also include lines for transporting used oil to special tanks. This allows to easily use the oil for heating, or simplify the process of disposal of this liquid.

Our company has been in the design and implementation business of such installations for several years. For implementation, we use devices of well-known manufacturers: RAASM, PIUSI, and own SMDP management systems. For liquid transmission, we use high-pressure flexible hoses, which are arranged in special installation ducts. This technology has many benefits, including: speed of implementation, ease of modernization / expansion, flexible hoses cushion bus operation during pump work, low weight and installation aesthetics.

In the case of transmission installations, the SMDP system involves primarily:

  • control of inventory levels, and thus avoiding air in the buses,
  • integration with warehouse programs or DMS possible,
  • liquid intake only by authorized users,
  • possibility to program the amount of liquid to be dispensed,
  • creating easy to read reports according to own needs.

For additional information or requests to prepare an offer, please contact the following address: biuro@mod-to.pl or phone contact number +48 510 192 810.