SMDP Professional

The SMDP Professional is the most developed version designed to work within one company, where each of the KDP100 controllers using special extensions can support multiple distribution points. In this version, system controllers exchange information with each other and require a permanent connection to the PC application ARCCAN SMDP PROFESSIONAL. All vehicles and recipients are entitled to use all distribution points defined in the program.

The DEMO SMDP PROFESSIONAL version is available at:

The whole process of configuring KDP100 dispenser controllers is extremely easy and is carried out from the ARCCAN SMDP PROFESSIONAL PC software. Two-way communication between the program and controllers can be executed:

  • by CAN cable – using the MIK200 communication module connected via USB to any computer in the network,
  • by LAN cable – using the NETBOX communication module connected to the LAN socket,
  • by Wi-Fi – using the NETBOX communication module and Access Point connected to the company’s Wi-Fi network,
  • by wireless GPRS – internet communication using the GSM cellular network.


SMDP PROFESSIONAL system functions:

  • authorization in the system before refueling (selected generally for the whole company):
    • double – for refueling, the vehicle AND the recipient must be logged in,
    • single – refueling requires a vehicle OR recipient login,
    • single + name – for refueling, it is required to log in the vehicle or the recipient, the second data must be entered on the keyboard of the dispenser controller,
  • methods for identifying vehicles, recipients, operators in the system (a method chosen individually for each group):
    • electronic identifier (chip – COD110 or contactless card – COD100),
    • PIN code,
    • by electronic identifier with additional confirmation by a PIN code,
  • unlimited number of vehicles and recipients,
  • possibility of supporting in one program an unlimited number of KDP100 PROFESSIONAL dispenser controllers, assigned to the same or different tanks,
  • possibility of individual authorization settings for individual recipients or vehicles,
  • possibility of requiring to enter the mileage during authorization (in kilometres or hours, depending on the vehicle),
  • odometer continuity control function – the system will not allow to enter a lower meter reading than at previous refueling,
  • odometer increment control function – the system will not allow to enter a value for the meter reading with an increase greater than that specified for the vehicle,
  • possibility of individual settings of maturity, continuity control and increment control for individual vehicles,
  • possibility of choosing recipients or vehicles who will not see the amount of liquid dispensed during refueling,
  • possibility of choosing recipients or vehicles who must enter an additional transaction description before refueling,
  • possibility of setting important refueling times (time from authorization to lifting the nozzle, waiting time for 0.5 l of liquid, time between successive PULSER pulses),
  • when adding operators, predefined or individual rights are assigned (selection of system functions in which the operator can make changes or have only the view access),
  • possibility to assign specific tanks in the system to operators (a useful function for companies with many branches, where each department has a person responsible for the fuel level in the tank),
  • calculating the level of liquid in the tank, the function of warning about reaching the alarm level, and the level of pump blockage,
  • a module for creating reports according to own needs by each operator individually,
  • analytical and graphical module for creating reports extended by calculating the distance and average liquid consumption per 100 km or 1 h,
  • extensive data filtering options when creating reports,
  • calculating the average liquid consumption per 100 km or 1 h by vehicles with signaling of exceeding norms,
  • parameterization of selected “Full” refueling for consumption analysis + module for automatic detection of additional refueling,
  • possibility to export data to a spreadsheet or a PDF,
  • possibility of adding external refueling to the system,
  • possibility of assigning liquid collection limits to selected recipients and vehicles (multiple simultaneous limits for different liquids to choose from: one-time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly),
  • fuel tank capacity limit – one-time refueling for a vehicle cannot be greater than the vehicle tank capacity declared in the program,
  • data exchange between KDP100 PROFESSIONAL controllers about the use of limits by recipients and vehicles,
  • option of grouping vehicles and recipients in the program (groups can be freely defined by the operator),
  • e-mail notification module (reporting: each refueling, reaching the alarm and critical level of the tank, calibration initiated or performed, significant loss of fluid in the tank, tank loadings, tank leak, zero refueling, SKP failure),
  • option to enable preselection of the amount of liquid to be dispensed before refueling for individual recipients and vehicles,
  • calibration by measurement or change of a factor,
  • possibility to correct the calibration factor using a computer,
  • presentation of tanks on a map,
  • emergency refueling function (implemented with one-time codes),
  • manual refueling function (implemented with one-time codes),
  • possibility of cooperation with the system for measuring the actual amount of liquid in the tank and detection of inter-shell space – SKP,
  • possibility of temperature compensation of the Diesel fuel dispensed up to 15°C,
  • possibility of remote update of KDP100 PROFESSIONAL,
  • possibility to expand the number of distribution points supported by the controller using the MDP220 and MDP250 expansion modules,
  • possibility of connecting the module of automatic switching of tanks forming a battery (management of expenses and revenues for each tank separately) with the possibility of measuring the actual amount of fuel and inter-shell detection in each tank,
  • possibility of using KDP100 PROFESSIONAL controllers as loading controllers – a function necessary for removing fuel from car tanks to storage tanks,
  • possibility of migration of dispenser controllers and software to higher versions (Enterprise),
  • operation in different languages (Polish, English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Czech).