Level Control System

The SKP (Level Control System) is a series of measuring devices used to determine the actual amount of liquid in the tank. All devices work with any probe operating in the 4-20mA standard. The system can be calibrated using standard flasks, allowing you to monitor tanks of any shape with high accuracy.

SKP devices are available in three basic versions:

  • SKP-I – as an internal measuring module of the KDP100 controller in the Optimum, Professional and Enterprise versions, communicating with the PC application via the KDP controller,
  • SKP100 – as an external extension of KDP100 drivers for the SMDP system in Optimum, Professional and Enterprise versions, communicating with the PC application via the KDP driver,
  • SKP100G – as a stand-alone device that communicates directly with the PC application via GPRS.

SKP110 and SKP110G external units are extended versions with the CKP module. They contain a special ultrasonic probe placed between the shells of the tank, used to detect liquid leakage in the inter-shell space of the tanks. In the event of a leak in the main tank, controllers will start to signal a leak, and the information will also be displayed in the program as an alarm. Outdoor units have two configurable, relay alarm outputs (low alarm, high alarm). They can be used to connect an alarm siren or pump blocking system.

The built-in unit (SKP-I) has an integrated inter-shell detection module. It allows to connect to an ultrasonic or float probe. It has one alarm relay output activated when a leak is detected. All configuration is done via the KDP100 controller.

Data from the SKP system can be seen in the PC software. Below is the list of device compatibility in particular software versions:

  • PC Optimum – supports SKP-I (KDP100OF i KDP100OGF), SKP100 and SKP110,
  • PC Professional – supports SKP-I (KDP100PF i KDP100PGF), SKP100, SKP110, SKP100G, SKP110G,
  • PC Enterprise – supports SKP-I (KDP100EF i KDP100EGF), SKP100, SKP110, SKP100G, SKP110G,
  • PC SKP – supports SKP100G and SKP110G,

The SKP PC SOFTWARE works as a virtual web server and allows access to authorized system operators via a web browser from anywhere in the world. Only measurement data from devices and an analytical module are visible in the program.