SMDP Basic 4.0

SMDP BASIC is the simplest and the most popular version of the Liquid Dosage Monitoring System. It is intended for small businesses and farms that need liquid outflow control from up to 3 distribution points (tanks).

The BASIC 4.0 is the second generation of the system, distributed since April, 2019. The system supports 150 active recipients and vehicles together (any configuration, for example 75 vehicles and 75 recipients with double authorization or 150 vehicles with single authorization) and assigning only one KDP100 MINI dispenser controller to one tank. ARCCAN SMDP BASIC 4.0 software is extremely intuitive, user-friendly, and has basic functions for managing liquid distribution. With the development of the company, devices and software can be migrated to higher versions of the system at any time, starting from the Standard version and ending with the Enterprise version.

The DEMO SMDP BASIC 4.0 version is available at:

The whole process of configuring KDP100 dispenser controllers is extremely easy and is carried out from the ARCCAN SMDP BASIC 4.0 PC software. Two-way communication between the program and controllers can be executed:

  • manually – data transfer with COD200 identifiers with built-in memory,
  • by CAN cable – using the MIK200 communication module connected via USB to any computer in the network,
  • by LAN cable – using the NETBOX communication module connected to the LAN socket,
  • by Wi-Fi – using the NETBOX communication module and Access Point connected to the company’s Wi-Fi network.
  • by wireless GPRS – internet communication using the GSM cellular network.

SMDP BASIC 4.0 system functions:

  • authorization in the system before refueling (selected generally for the whole company):
    • double – for refueling, the vehicle AND the recipient must be logged in,
    • single – refueling requires a vehicle OR recipient login,
    • single + name – for refueling, it is required to log in the vehicle or the recipient, the second data must be entered on the keyboard of the dispenser controller,
  • methods for identifying vehicles, recipients, operators in the system (a method chosen individually for each group):
    • electronic identifier (chip – COD110 or contactless card – COD100),
    • PIN code,
    • by electronic identifier with additional confirmation by a PIN code,
  • 150 active identifiers can be programmed (any configuration, e.g. 75 vehicles and 75 recipients with double authorization or 150 vehicles with single authorization),
  • possibility of supporting in one program up to 3 KDP100 MINI BASIC dispenser controllers, assigned to different tanks,
  • possibility of requiring to enter the mileage during authorization (in kilometers),
  • possibility of choosing recipients who will not see the amount of liquid dispensed during refueling,
  • possibility of setting important refueling times (time from authorization to lifting the nozzle, waiting time for 0.5 l of liquid, time between successive PULSER pulses),
  • possible levels of operator privileges in the program and in the dispenser controller: serviceman, administrator, operator, report, supplier,
  • calculating the level of liquid in the tank, the function of warning about reaching the alarm level, and the level of pump blockage,
  • a module for creating reports according to own needs by each operator individually,
  • extensive data filtering options when creating reports,
  • possibility to export data to a spreadsheet or a PDF,
  • possibility of adding external refueling to the system,
  • option of grouping vehicles and recipients in the program (groups can be freely defined by the operator),
  • e-mail notification module (reporting: each refueling, reaching the alarm and critical level of the tank, calibration initiated or performed),
  • option to enable preselection of the amount of liquid to be dispensed before refueling for whole company,
  • calibration by measurement or change of a factor,
  • emergency refueling function (implemented with one-time codes),
  • possibility of remote update of KDP100 MINI controllers in the case of online communication or SD card update in the case of manual communication,
  • possibility of migration of dispenser controllers and software to higher versions (Standard, Optimum, Professional, Enterprise),
  • operation in different languages (Polish, English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Czech).

KDP100 MINI BASIC controllers can be migrated to higher versions of the system, but after the upgrade they will not have full functionality of these versions. First of all, MINI controllers do not support the fluid temperature sensor needed for temperature compensation ON to 15 ° C. In addition, it is not possible to add iternal modules for measuring the actual amount of fluid in the tank, inter-shell detection (SKP-I) and GSM modem. For less demanding customers who anticipate the need to expand the system in the future, we recommend the Standard 4.0 version.