Remote IT suport

Not every computer problem requires physical intervention by a technician. The most common computer problems are those that can be solved in a few minutes without a lot of work and unnecessary travel.

Mod-To company provides a remote IT support service for ARCCAN SMDP and Piusi software. Our many years of experience solve 99% of user problems.

In order to obtain remote IT support, please contact the phone number +48 510 192 810 in advance. Then the user is only required to download the file below and run it in the system.


When the technician connects to the computer, the user must agree to the connection. All remote actions will also be visible on the user’s screen.

The scope of the remote IT support:

  • solving problems of no access to the program,
  • recovering access passwords to the program,
  • remote training in systems operation,
  • software installation at a new dispenser,
  • software updates,
  • network configuration of the program,
  • refueling history recovery from devices SD cards,
  • and many others…