Warranty and post-warranty repairs

For the highest quality and special satisfaction of our customers, Mod-To offers a comprehensive after-sales service for ARCCAN SMDP, RAASM and PIUSI devices. The strength of our company are many years of experience, thanks to which we are able to help in the vast majority of failures.

Our service point, located near Warsaw, has a spare parts warehouse, thanks to which we are able to help you usually in a short time. We also have our own mobile service, operating throughout Poland.

We offer:

  • mechanical repairs of RAASM equipment (pneumatic pumps, waste oil suction-drainers, grease pumps, hose reels, etc.),
  • mechanical repairs of PIUSI devices (electric pumps, meters, dispensers, etc.),
  • mechanical repairs of ARCCAN RT dispensers,
  • RAASM electronic repairs (electronic components of meters),
  • PIUSI electronic repairs (electronic components of meters, OCIO, MCO, MC and FM management systems) – display replacement, NO PARAMETERS message, replacement of keyboards,
  • electronic repairs of ARCCAN SMDP system elements.

We provide the warranty for the devices sold:

  • for plastic tanks – 10 years,
  • for distribution and electronic devices – 2 years,
  • hoses, nozzles – 6 months.

The warranty does not cover defects and damages that are not caused by a product defect, i.e. damage resulting from:

  • natural wear,
  • improper or inconsistent with the instructions use, maintenance, storage, or installation,
  • overvoltage in the electrical network or lightning,
  • repairs carried out by an unauthorized person or entity during the warranty period,
  • alterations, construction changes, or use of non-original spare parts for repairs,
  • mechanical damage.